Friday, August 26, 2016

Tendoni....what ?

Never ending story.
As I am getting more confident about some progress in my hip flexors - hard to tell as I barely run anymore - I am still fighting a couple of low profile recurring injuries.
An achilles tendonitis that was actually pretty painful on the left foot, and an patellar tendonitis on the inside of the right knee.
Funny enough, all those are rated top injuries for most of the runners, then, somewhere I am glad I am a good representative of the runner's community.

There is a good set of PT exercises you can do to help - it takes around6 to 8 weeks with 3 set of 20  per day. I am doing both knees and both ankles, 3 exercices each.
That's takes a lot of time and a lot of reps.

Patellar Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis
Now, waiting to get better on that front, I am swimming almost every day.
I am not sure if I ever will become a good runner, but soon, I am gonna compete with Phelp for 4x100, if I continue to spend that much time at the pool.

The more annoying is, as a Runner, pain is expected. the question is how much. How much is worrisome ? When to stop ?

If you reconcile this chart:

The Grey zone is Yellow.

with this one:

I see Jesus coming...

Actually, the key factor is to make sure the pain is not getting worst, and do not last too long.
There is ton of info everywhere to not advise you to take Ibuprofen or even to ice where it hurts - supposedly it will slow down recovery by not allowing your body to heal himself by swelling a lot - and by hurting a lot - then this can be used as a good indice as well.
If you cannot bear it without medication, this is certainly too much.

Key point is not to rest.
R.I.C.E is dead.
Now, you work on it.
And if this is not excruciating pain, and you are doing the right exercices, this is a step in the right direction.
I guess we will know in 6 weeks.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And.. What about the boat ?

Well. Not much.
We dodged a couple of hurricanes in July, but August and September are to be the more active month of the season - which have been relatively quiet.

Not much is going on this year

Still, I prepared for it.As always I start with the mooring. I was still unhappy with the setup, lines being tangled, etc...

I am getting way better at the art of splicing

Goal was to change a couple of lines that have been stretched, and potentially "compromised". Now that I can splice decently, this is time consuming, but not too expensive.
The new setup has 2 lines, one with a bridle to the bow cleats, and the other one to the mast.
Now, the weak point is the chain.
(and that's a big chain).

Pulling all that cap on the deck.

Time to time, I start a new project. Just to keep things going.
That time, Manu was there to help. Ex-carpenter, he did the base of the dodge roof like a 3d sculpture.
Next step was messier, the epoxy glass and sand and glass and re-sand step.

Manu, first time ever glassing.

Top view, 2 epoxy layers. That will be strong enough.
Paint job was ok. They promised a super glossy paint, and it is glossy. But not that thick, and hardly cover little imperfection in the underlying job. Little disappointed, I think I should have gel-coat-ed it. But that's way more work, and more money. When I am retired, maybe.

Blue as the sea.
As you can see, does not look that bad once in the context.

Next step, the windshield :)
And, maybe, hopefully, some sailing ? (mainly my fault, I have to say, as I have other priorities at the moment).
Bah. Traces, your time will come.
I can hear the South pacific seas calling.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Running Downtown L.A.

Nothing better than a early morning run to discover a city.
There is always more to it than just few pictures grabbed here and there, but it gives an idea.

It is 6:00am. 

We will have LoL Worlds 2016 finals here

Pretty cool mozaic

Official buildings are massive. Question of respect ?

Looks like a modern museum, but that's just a mega church.

Palm trees and buildings.

Amelie's new musical ?

Little bit ironic in those troubled times

A door open on .. what ?

This have to be a museum.

I like the morning light.
I like the morning runs.

Monday, July 25, 2016

How Long is too long

This trip was all about spending few hours with my Grand Ma. At nearly 95, and according to the fact I am unlikely to come back before at least few years, it is unlikely as well she will be still alive next time.
Or not.
Seeing the conditions we keep our old people in a geriatric center makes you wonder if this is worth it. Tired, in pain, losing memory, cruising endlessly the same white corridors, barely limping if not wheeling, is it really a life to be lived ?

First half of your living space

Second half
Progress of the medicine are impressive, to the point it might be unnatural. Oxygen if you can't breathe, intravenous feed if you cannot eat or drink, pain medication if you suffer, pacemaker if your heart is tired, ... Is it even possible to pass away anymore ?
But the body is giving up.
The mind is giving up.
And you end up crawling through life for years and years.
Now I am worried. How will it be in 40 years ?
At this pace, will I live forever ? Crawl forever ?
And should I ?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Running Villeneuve d'Ascq

Last entry for those North of France runs - at least for this year - I came back to my youth playground - I lived in this neighborhood more than 15 years.
Of course, at the time, everything felt way bigger.
Distance were enormous at the time, usually made with my bike.
Now, while still relatively big for a park in the middle of the urban net, the feeling is quite the opposite.

Art forms. Water Drops ? Gooses ? Never solved that mystery.

The pond. I lived next to it.

Further along, a bigger park, and its lake

Our dog have been tricked by those water plants and ran through it as it was grass.
He got wet.

Sleeping standing, not bothered by the hundreds of people around.

"Le Lac du Heron"

Some wheat fields aside the bigger loop.

Famous Modern Art museum
I made a good 1:30 run, double looping at one point and fooling around to see some old places. It was a Saturday, and there was a lot of people. Runners, Bikers, Strollers, you name it. This is the almost unique spot for nature lovers that is easily accessible without too much drive.

The highlight of the run would be my focus on running from the glutes and the relative lack of pain generated afterward in my hips. As the last couple of runs, I ran way faster than usual around 8:30min/mile, helped by the flat terrain, the relative low heat and a lot of runners around.

Running faster and not getting (too much) pain is almost a first.