Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surfin' Stylin' Bikin'

It is done. the most ridiculous surf rack ever.

It looks as cumbersome that it is

To tell the truth, it is easier to ride like that , than -in my old' times, in San Francisco on my 50cc scooter and my hand made side-rack. I was comfortable at 40mph, which is good enough to go to the beach using the country side roads.

Oh yeah, with the twinTip, you have the airplane style.

Wings stability improvements

No worries, I have in order something a little more fancy. I would like to get more than 2 kites and one board one the bike.

What about the Paddleboard ?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Number Half

Appointment has been made a long time ago,
but money has been spent today.
As a warm up race, I will participate in the Maui Half-Marathon of Kaanapali, which will start at 5:30 AM ;) North of Lahaina.
And the day before our daughter is running for the Kid's Cross Country program too.

Runs the long of the West Coast

Race Map Loop

We might celebrate the run(s) and the week-end as a quick family vacation in one of the fancy resort of the west coast, like this one.

Hyatt at Kaanapali

Looks CLASSY, but does not have the "charm" and the gnarl of the north shore !

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Number 2

2 times 6 miles 2day ... on ..
2 legs
2 half of the training, first half completed
2 loop of the Makawao Forest
2 hours and
2 times 10 minutes of running
2..6 miles run this week , yes, my first marathon ... spread on a week.

My face at the end of the run
2 times the pain,
2 time the ice
2 scoop of ice cream
2 glasses of wine to celebrate

Last 2 weeks are "patcher" week. We are at mid-course !

At mid-point of the training, my biggest realization is that the body adaption system is amazing. At every run, I am surprised how much the body can progress and how fast you can increase the distances. In less than 2 months, I already double my running time record - ever, and I am running almost 20 kilometers. Finding running path becomes a puzzle if I dont want to turn around in circles too much.

My second realization is that , yes, this training program works in a sense that if you can finish it, I am convinced you can run those 26 miles. This program is draining, and way harder that it looks. The biggest challenge is the number of run and the accumulation of runs. At the beginning, you think that the long runs will be the harder one. Now, I find them alright, my main issue is the small time of recuperation between the runs and the overall weekly mileage. You wake up with sore legs, you start the run they are still sore, and at the end of the run it is worst. And it starts again.

In fact, half of the book/training is about will and mental strength, because you can only run this damn thing if you force your body to do it. Will against flesh. The body wont cooperate, but it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter, because you are convinced you are a marathoner and you cannot fail. And because you cannot fail, you will succeed.

Shut up and run now !!
In short, If you survive the training, the rest is a piece of cake. A little bit like a training camp for Marines, except you don't die at the end in a full metal jacket.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gay pride

We talk a lot about running ..running... But what about fashion ?
I think it is time I assume the costume of marathoner I display on the weekends.

North Kihei. Just before a barefoot run on the beach.

And yes, there is a "Gay" only guest house next door.

Don't you think I look fat with this white "Fit" costume ?
Did you notice the subtle link betwen the sunglasses, the T-shirt and the overall Black And White tones ?

If the Ridicule doesn't Kill you, It Makes you Stronger.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Sunday run

Not sure if you remembered, but last weel I had trouble to find the time and energy to stick to my training plan, considering skipping one week for let things go slower at work. I decided to force my will and go for it anyway, later Sunday night. I was exhausted, but had a better night than the day before, jumped on my mechanical horse and went to the close local running path for my next long run. I was targeting a 10 miles run, to follow the training plan.

Not everything goes always according to the plan.

Kula Town and Thomson road

Ended up to run almost 12 miles, by GPS was off and my timing too, and I was feeling GREAT !
The last couple of miles my speed plummeted down, maybe to 4.5 or 5 mph, but I had a good run after 1:15 when I was flying at 6-6:15 after 8 miles.

Coming into Farwest ... in Hawaii

Ranch on Thomson road
Sunset and clouds

That is the first time I run so far. This time, I am sure. It is almost a half marathon. At an easy peace, alright, still. The day after, some soreness for sure, but nothing to be really worried about. The better thing is my hip flexors feel better than ever, barely noticed anything at all during the run, and only a light tension during stretching. 
Unlikely as it sounds, I ve closed my 5th week of training without major hurdles, and I am confident now I can certainly close this month as well, there are no run further than 12 miles coming up for the next 2 weeks.
Piece of cake.

My overall weekly running average now 20 to 26 miles.
This is getting serious.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I feel...

Yesterday, I just realised how ... 

License plate of our car - Cutie Little Beetle

Lucky we are 
To live in the aloha state.
Not sure how to interpret the '304'. 
Still, today was a good day. 
Just like usual.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back on wheels

Been a couple of weeks now, maybe more, but I did finally my transition to landlubber.
Back to my first love, instead of getting a truck like everybody up-country, I got a bike.
After my Honda CB, VTR, and Yamaha XJR, I went to the dark side, hum the green side, Kawazaki.
But this one is blue ;)

Yes, a Kawa.

Simple,  basic, still some power : 750cc.

Believe it or not, but Hawaii on Bike, things takes another dimension. It is really cool. I mean **really** cool.

C-ya on the road, Babe !

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Slam and Skip

We have an important milestone and I could not find the time - and the energy to run today. It was my long run - fifth week - 10 miles. I will usually advocate that you should be able to find 2 hours in your day, and you should force yourself to take the time, you will see the benefits anyway. But getting to bed at midnight yesterday, getting up at 6AM today and dreaming about coding lines does not bring you peace and rest. 
By the end of the month, the worst should be over and we should getting back to a normal rhythm and get some vacation time - yeah - but in the mean time, the clock is ticking. Crunchin' time, Baby !

Working setup

Now, the fundamental question is to decide if you follow the rules you set for yourself. Stop arguing, and go to run. That's it. Or knowing that I have a couple of month between the official end of the training and the actual marathon - got some room to breath - you indulge yourself some flexibility. 
Where do you start to slip ? How much can you skip ? 
I think that's a fundamental question of balance and it applies to everything you do in life. You can try to set the rules and follow them at all cost. Usually, it won't work and you won't be happy. Or the opposite. Freedom without rules means boredom.

Complicated. Maybe tomorrow, I will find the time and the energy to do those 10 miles, and keep my schedule intact. Like we are trying so hard at work.
Clock is ticking.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maui forever

I like Maui. I mean, Really. Still, until now, there was one thing that will stop me to say 'forever'. I gave up on the Pim's (we used to find some at Foodland, but they stopped). I gave up on the french wine (californian is pretty good too). You find all kind of cheese here, even some 'President'. You can find some 'Pâté'. And of course french "Champagne".

In California, Trader's Joe used to have a lot of french products, it was not an issue. But here...

Et du Perigord, s'il vous plait !

Still, I never gave up on 'Rillettes'. And eventually, Whole Food decided to store some. 
Now I can say it. Maui forever.

Until they stop importing them, of course.

And yes, when you run 60 minutes a day, you can eat fat.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Going strong

Big step this week-end, for the first time, I ran further I ever ran.(I think). Did the run "at the beach" again, but this time starting from Kihei to the Maalaea Harbor.
It is "only" 8 miles - it was the goal for the day - But running barefoot in the sand was a blessing and a curse, got pinched couple of time by those huge thorns some trees on the path like to hide in the sand.

Those trees got lethal thorns for barefoot runners

The place is in the wind funnel on Maui. 30 miles on the nose getting north, I had wings getting back.

View when you arrive at Maalaea

Running in the sand is way more exhausting that on the firm ground, you can notice the relatively slow pace.

8 miler in the sand

Began to feel some cramps coming back, but overall the hip flexor hold pretty good. Not even needed ice in the evening. I felt it tired, of course, but nothing like I would have expected to. Looks like I am getting a hand of this injury.

12 weeks to go. Things are getting serious now, 10 Miles scheduled next week-end.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Family training plan

A big part of this global overhaul is to make sure to connect/reconnect/stay connected with my little family. Sailing is - in our case - was - more a solitary activity, and Kitesurfing - Surfing, too. Even if we can go all together to the beach, and the girls will fool around while I will be practicing. Overall, running training takes far less time than Kitesurfing-surfing every day. At this point, at least.

This week-end was the birthday of my little one, and I managed to escape work for a two consecutive days. Insane, yes ?  Rest was much more needed, as well as enjoying some quality time with the girls.

Big girl bike. It has real brakes, and gear.

Marathon training is by definition quite a solitary experiment too. As much as I enjoy the long run by myself, the super cool purple bike should allow my daughter to train with me on the shorter runs during the week.
At least, that s the plan. 
In any case, she was thrilled to get this new cool bike, and this is worth it in any case.