Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back to the beginning

Things are moving fast on our side. More details later.
But the post of today is about my psoas. Again. All over again.
It is very frustrating to feel the same pain, maybe with less intensity, than 8 month ago.
Ok, part is certainly my fault. I never stopped running, swimming, kiting, surfing, never really let my body rest. And as soon as the pain disappear, I usually get lazy, and do not exercise the good stuff enough.
Good stuff ? Core training. Butt training. Wait.
Most certainly, I was doing lunges when I hurt myself again. Aren't lunges supposed to be good ?

  Looks easier than it is. Feel easier than it is.

Truth is, lunges are hard. I was doing a quite easy work out, 4 rep of 20. Switching with push-up and sit-up, it did not seem that bad. Again, those muscles are tricky. They don't warn you. Once warm, you can almost go on forever. You will pay the price later.

Here is my understanding. Sitting all day, those muscles are weak alright. Building core strength will protect them of over use in some sports, like kiting , surfing. Share the load. However, if you target specifically those muscles, like lunges do, you are to be cautious. And start at the beginning. Low rep, low effort. Build it from there. 

I promised myself again. As soon as the pain disappear, I will be smart. I know, like last time. Back to the beginning. People never change, and pain will continue to hurt.