Monday, June 30, 2014

Oxnard - Day 3

No rest for a Sunday.
Running around to get some tools, today I will have to drill through stainless steel...

Crazy drill. Works quite good actually.
Finally completed the Windvane work.

Lines in the cockpit, to the wheel.

The stern.
I could not miss the games, but I dont have Internet at the boat.(It is quite an experiement to be cut from the world :)
Good old AM Radio at 20$.
Listening ESPN radio !

Finally, a little go around in Dinghy to admire our boat on the sunset.

Feel like cruising already.

Last minute, I ended replacing all batteries.My confidence in the last 2, from Costco 4 years ago, even tested as working, was pretty low. At least, now I am reassured.
Tomorrow, back to work, .. And have more parts to order...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oxnard - Day 2

Typical cabin mess.
A boat is a small place to work on.

Another long day, with good surprises and some not as good.
A diver was cleaning the bottom of the sailboat next to mine, and I asked him to check the swing keel dagger. Unfortunately we forgot to out it in coming into port last week, and now it is stuck.
The diver did not see anything wrong on the keel itself, but it is torn sideways and grinding metal against metal. We might have hit something on the bottom .... Grrrrr.
More on this at the haul out in 2 weeks.

One new battery, the others are OK.
Redid alkaline wiring and isolation.

New battery charger. The old one saw the first led zeppelin concert....
This one at least is silent :-)

Typical cockpit mess.
Notice the lines I crank to align the windvane.

The windvane is in place.
Now we need to drill the new holes through the stainless steel tubes.
I ll keep that for tomorrow :-)

Found an can that saw the firs Led Zeppelin concert s well.
I think it is fish inside...

Overall, I am very happy of the progress on the windvane. It is the central piece of the trip back,and the sooner we can try it out, the better.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Oxnard - Day 1

Marathon started.
6am getting upnwith the sun,
9am work
5pm to 9pm outside boatwork
9pm to 11pm,inside boatwork.

What a program :-)

Starting bu the steering Wheel
I broke the transmission cable in San Diego

Pumping the dinghy...
I ll need it for the windvane installation on the transom

Windvane on deck

3 hours later, half way there.
I have been lucky, it **almost** fit as is.

2 hours later, steering is down
And I have access to the cable lock

Overall it was a very long  first day, but tomorrow is Saturday and I will another 16 hours of fun. Hopefully closing on the windvane...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Oxnard - Day 0

I am splitting right now my time between Oxnard where the boat is berthed, and Santa Monica at work.
Just arrived yesterday night to find the boat still floating - which was a great news, even if we do have insurance now.

Sunset in the marina

I started right away to clean up stuff and try to order the mess. Took me a good part of the evening, but I was recompensed by a great sunset.
Obviously not as beautiful as the one on Maui, but I am biased.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mac Gyver

Tomorrow will tell, but it seems we are ready to go.
More news later on....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Busy busy...

Usually, calms precede storms.
In my case, I have been juggling with a lot of things those last couple of weeks.
Step-parents are in town and we are refitting the house.

Amazing how much stuff you can put in a Beetle.

Still trying to run a bit and do some exercise... And cranking at work. Add to this the World Cup ... The paperwork for the boat .... Yup, not too much time to update the blog.

But tonight, at the airport, I do have some time... Maybe a sign for a reboot of the blog ? Maybe a sign of something exciting coming along ? Obviously, lotsof adventures  start at an airport or a port of some sort..
Let's see tomorrow :)