Sunday, June 11, 2017

No big deal

we are just hard wired to self -destruct, Metallica (tm).


Just have to hope then after we self-extinct, something better would take our place on this planet.

(spoiler : being (mainly) vegan is the only sustainable way).

 The only issue I can see with feeding an entire generation with junk food and animal proteins is that people do not die fast enough from health diseases to actually let us a chance to save this planet. Maybe after the whole health care system collapse,  people will start to think a bit more about how they feed themselves.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

We are what we eat

Nowadays, I totally dig Rich Roll podcast. Specially while working in the studio.
One of its best episodes:

I read his first book a while ago, and certainly this was a main element of my "transformation".
Not sure why I am using quotes here.
Maybe I do not feel like "competing" with his own transformation - way more dramatic.
And yes, the studio is almost done:

Our soon to be fitness and yoga room
To the point,  I -literally- trained here today. Bring some old' good metal and let's move those glutes.
In the one with Dean Karnaze, toward the end - I think that one   - answering the question - How to change ? - Dean provide this insight :
We are people of habits. We are what we eat :P
Change your habits, slowly, one by one, at your pace, and you will change.
As easy as that.

Pick the habit you know is not helping.
Dig a bit.
You know which one.
Might not be easy, because it certainly bringing apparent comfort.
But you know it is not helping.
Could be as simple as eating too much. As drinking that last glass of wine. As not getting out of bed early enough. Whatever. Pick yours.
You know the one.

Pick that habit, and eradicate it.
Pick another one. One that bring your closer from who you want to be.
Just a bit closer.
Just one. And take it from there.

I let you think about yours.
I am almost **ALMOST** ready to give up mine.
And, of course, for me, it is a big one.

Listen to Rich. This guy is awesome. A bit crazy, of course. Extreme. Of course.
But moderation sucks. Moderation drives to the average. To fulfill your life, there must be a bit of insanity in you.

Do you think this guy is averaging his life ? think again.