Sunday, May 25, 2014

In Love ... Again

I knew this year was about transitions, and surprises.
I did not expect this one :) Really ? no , I looked after it.

Tartan 37 under sail

Ok, we started again to look after sailboats. As usual we started low prices and cheap, and local. We are still in contact with a nice couple that own a classic Allied Princess 36. Long story short, I was stuck at home due to injury ... (Yes, this hip is bothering me again, after a killing gardening session - but I got this tree ! - not sure it was worth it though).
Anyway, following a thread after another, we finally end up (My wife is hooked too) to a wonderful tartan 37. Couple of issues : this boat is not in HI, and this boat is way more than the initial projected budget (about twice).
Well, what do you want to do when it is love at first sight ?

Omg. We are in a sea of troubles. Again.
I love it :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We talk a lot about transitions in Kitesurfing, but this not the subject of this post. Not at all. In fact, the lack of wind and abundance of rain makes very poor conditions all around, which is crazy for this period.

I like the idea of the rainbow as a transition between rain and shine.

Good Morning, Maui
This year has started as a transition, and it feels like it. Achieving major personal goals last year, and switching job after a long crunch makes everything pale in comparison. 

I am still running, a solid 30 miles a week, and kite and surf when possible. Swimming at least twice a week. I am certainly close to the best shape I ever been. My weight stabilized at 147, and I don't count calories - thanks god - anymore.

Some heavy stuff is coming for the end of the year, but right now, it is too far to be really invigorating. Then overall, it feels slow. Maybe this is what they call the island rhythm. 

Unfortunately, it does not suit me very well.
Hum, I guess when the trades will be back, things will start to move, as usual.
I never felt as connected to the nature and weather as nowadays.Living at the rhythm of the swell and the NE wind. 
Let it blow.