Friday, July 31, 2015

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (7)

180 Bpm.
This is kind of a magic number.
For some of us that like to run by numbers, it is the ideal cadence.
Not For the heart, for the strides.
We could argue this is a good tempo for music as well, some would find it a little fast.

DC Rainmaker

The logic behind the 180 steps/minute is the same that behind the fore foot striking.
Lots of small steps, way easier to handle the concussions. Be light on your feet, run like a ninja.
Low effort, high cadence, low strain. A little bit like a high gear on a bike.

A good GPS watch, like the Forerunner 220 will give your cadence based on your arm swings, or you can use a foot pod, or a good song. Eventually, it will just feel natural.

And yes, 180, for the heart, is likely too much.
But that's another story.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (6)

Modern diet is crap.
Processed food.
Commodity food.
Compensatory food.
Take out food.
Take in food.
Crap food.

Remember, You are what you eat. If you want to run, you need to eat.
You want to run well, you need to eat well, that's as simple as that.

Lucky enough, my lovely wife is cooking healthy.
Sometimes on the light side though :)

There is no secrets about the good food and bad food. Avoid quick carbs, they are rich and not fulfilling. Except if you are actually in the middle of a run, it is likely you are just gonna store them as fat.
Fat is good, but watch the quantities. Calories multiply by 2 compare to proteins and carbs.
Alcohol is very rich as well, and won't help for this long run tomorrow.
Keep it light, keep it simple, keep it raw when possible.
And remember, except if you are vegetarian, you are eating too much meat. Modern diet is all about meat, unfortunately. Proteins are good, but not **that** good.

That was short... When people are writing dozen of books about the proper perfect diet. And the diet industry is certainly the most important one in the world.
All that is a giant fad.

'Keep it light, keep it simple, keep it raw when possible".

Marks my words, one day they might be the title of next trendy book around.
But most likely, they won't.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (5)

Running is simple and natural.
However, there is an actual technique, and it starts to show if you are accumulating miles.
More important, this is fundamental in trying to stay injury free.
Running is a dangerous sport.
We never heard of a runner who was not injured at one point or another.
There is one rule, to rule them all.


Learn from the best(s).

Seems easy ?
Add 90 minutes into it.
Look at yourself.
You are not that tall anymore.
You are not leaning forward anymore.
And you are heel striking.
As always, the devil is in the details. And 90 minutes into it, details do not matters anymore.

Pure magic. Two hours of pure magic.

Specially in this case, do what I say - or what they say - and not like I do.
Because I am like you: "Keeping a proper running form for 4 hours sounds impossible".
It is way easier to keep it only for 2 hours, isn't it ?
Just. Run. Faster.

(*) Obviously, there are some "subtleties" with the upper body that are as important. But I like to make a point, wrong or not.

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (4)

Be Humble.

There is nothing more annoying than people self-centered. Running long distance is a great achievement, than few can claim.

One of the multiple jokes.
I was in the line-up for the start of my second marathon, when this guy, out of nowhere, started to tell me he ran an Iron Man - and he had a Tattoo of it, like a proof, on the calf.
I was running for myself, and still, it felt good when I passed him.
I payed the price later, but that's another story.

Now, I am humble. Not that young anymore.
Keep it simple, keep it slow, keep it fun.
You are there for the long run.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (3)

Why do you run ?

Do not run to lose weight.
It does not work.

Actually, there is more chance you will gain weight : Muscles are heavier than fat, and exercising will stimulate your appetite.

Why do you run ?

Because it is fun, and fun is fun.
Because it is painful, and you like it hard.
Because you like to buy sneakers, and you have to use them to justify it.
Because you can meditate without being zen.
Because , just because.
Because it is a fad, but a cool fad.
Because you are on diet, and it helps to burn calories.
Because it is faster than walking.
Because it is cool to be a runner, even cooler to be a marathoner.

Nothing she can do about it...
She still love to run.

There is plenty of good and bad reasons to run.
You only need one.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (2)

Run. But don't just run.

In any program I have seen there is at least one day reserved for Xfit, or any cross training, and one day of rest.
Personally, I usually target 3 days of running, sometime 4.
Add a 2-3 days of swimming, sometime even a rest day.

The key point for Cross Training is to pick an activity that is low impact, core focused and overall complete your running activity.

Zumba will work as well, specially if you looking for to have fun with plenty of girls.
Because there ain't plenty of girls on the road.
At least not where I run ;)

Yoga and Pilates works for the Rest days.

Running 101 : From the couch to my first marathon (1)

Few books I would recommend to keep you going.
If after that you do not sign up for at least a 10k, just stop running and go Zumba.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Unofficially ... Moored

After months - literally - Months of back and forth, we are inches away from an official permit.
However, we have been kicked out of our squat of LYC moorings -usually limited to a couple of weeks - I think we kinda stuck there for a couple of .. months. 
Now they planned some work on the balls, and realized we were on it already.
It was time to move on.

Lahaina Divers are ... our divers

Then we kicked off the drop of our own mooring.
To do it "officially", and to a Category 4 metrics - i.e. Almost hurricane rated - we had to go double anchors and massive chain and rope.
It ain't cheap to be official.

The baptized "Traces" buoy

It ain't cheap. And it ain't fast. As we speak we are still waiting for an official stamp.
But at least we have our brand new gear in the water.
Let the hurricanes come in !
We are - almost- ready.

Settled for the night

It took most of the day to the divers to install everything on the bottom and clean the mess of the old block at the same spot.
But eventually, I was able to hook up.
Our own mooring.
Feels almost like home.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Running again

I slowly starting to get back on tracks.
Honolulu marathon is the 13th December, almost a Christmas gift.
I plan to build a base before it, slowly, then focus on the last 3 months of a typical "Intermediate-1" training plan.

It looks like that:

12 Weeks training plan

To come into that safely, I would have to be in a 30 miles a week pace, which is actually quite a lot, specially on 3 days or 4 days. I am not planning of running more than 2 hours for the long runs, it is already plenty enough.
Those last couple of weeks I was averaging 20 miles/week, which is not that bad, but mostly on small runs of one hour top.
Now things are getting serious, I hope my recovery period is done, and I will be able to build some mileage.
Crazy enough, I will even try to go kitesurfing tomorrow.
This have been so long I did not try I am not sure I will be able to stick on the board.
I might glue it or something.