Monday, October 16, 2017

Going Simple

Still on Oahu, working on the boat.
Life is simple on the boat. You ride your bike. You do your morning and evening exercises in the park next door.
Walk to the store to grab food.

Nice rainbow on the marina

As more and more people post fancy food and restaurant plates on Facebook, I go backward.
Simpler and simpler on the food. Vegan, of course.
Veggies, Raw or cooked. Soup. Fruit and Green juices.
Avocados. Coconut milk. Add some brown rice and black chocolate for dessert.

Veggies and Tiger balm

Really wanted to remove a support for a spinnaker pole I am not using. Was really tricky to get access to the bolt under the deck. Had to tear off a large part of the wood shelves of the inside of the boat.
Way more complicated than it sounds, it took me 3 days to sort this mess.

Tearing off the inside of the boat

Finally got that part of the deck.

Fixing rotten supports on the way.

Has been a while I wanted to swap the reader lights to LED version.
There are 7 of them, takes some time.
And yes, I know, there is some varnish work that really needs to happen.

New little LEDs

Iridium GO on place

As well as its Antenna (On the left)
Work is not going as fast as I would like, but it is happening, and the boat is getting ready.
Ready for her next little adventure.