Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Long Long Long runs... (4)

If this one did not kill me, it certainly made me waaaay stronger.
21 Miles.
It was the last (long long) one before the marathon in 3 weeks.
Now, we just have to pray it was enough.(the training).


Fog's coming

Just magnificent

Notice the ray if light

On the top of world


Sliding sands

Not your typical yard
Not your typical long run.

But as for the landscapes, it was totally worth it.
Don't you think ?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Long Long Long runs... (3)

Another great run in Poli Poli.
Started to be a quick and easy 2h - and ended to be a nightmarish 3:30.
Well, I should pick my route better :)

Mamane Trail

Haleakala Ridge

The road that bring you to the summit.
Maybe another time.

Way to much elevation for this "easy" long run.
I gave up there.

Clouds on their way.
You can see the sea down below

Path cuts the trees.
It was hard, but this park is really amazing.
Beautiful trails, and almost no one.
Nature at this best.
I'll be back.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Long Long Long runs... (2)

Did my first long run in the Haleakala National Park.
Pictures talks better.

Started grim. Wet and cold.

Surreal trail in the clouds

More like stairs, you can see hundreds of feet below.

Once at the bottom, visibility was getting barely better

Deeper in the crater, sun is appearing

Alien plants

Rainbow island, rainbow crater.

It is just beautiful

A little closer to the moon

On the moon

Pu'u o Maui

Big picture at 7000 ft

I guess... now, I have to go back ?

Next time, I can climb that and hit the summit.
That would add 3000 ft elevation.

Some blue sky, and heat.

Some NeNe's looking for food.

Way back, now it is sunny

The path I could not see.
I have now to climb it.

The valley, under the mid-day sun.
It was long, it was hard.
There wasn't so many people around, and overall, it was an amazing run.
I promised myself to be back pretty soon.
Definitively worth the drive.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Long Long Long runs... (1)

I am still hitting Poli Poli park for my long runs. This one was supposed to be a shorter one,  but, as they say, you know when you leave, you don't know when you come back.
A little bit like sailing, but here, the slope dictate the pace .. and the length.

Poli Poli is really a good forest trail

There is barely anyone on those paths

Pines, red wood tress

At the end of the road - literally - and the path,
there is a cabin you can rent for the week-end.

Some tourists were around,
and offer to take a picture.

At that point, half way, I was still looking strong.
2 hours later, the story was quite different. 

3 hours, 2000 feet elevation gain, 1400 Calories.
It was quite a fair run.
But, thanks to my new training rules, it is ok to walk. 
As they say, you don't want to run you into the ground training for the race that will put you into the ground, and if you are red-lining, it is ok to walk.
Well, I like those new rules. 
Not like I had any choice anyway. 
I was dying over there.