Monday, August 20, 2018

Back to Waiakoa trail

On the menu for this weekend long run, an all time favorite I did 3 years ago.
Pretty technical - across a Lava field - this is definitively a half-walk and half-run thing.
Took me around 3:20 for barely 12 miles.

Poli poli heights at 6:15AM. Worth the early rise.

Views over the other volcano of Maui. Rare to be that clear.

For most of the trail, the landscape is just amazing. 

Very technical part on the lava field. A nightmare to even walk on this thing.
Saw a huge wild pig running from me. Not sure who was more scared.

On the way down, the trail is a more gentle path, and trees provide shade. Nice.
Run was hard, but the cool temperature due to the altitude and the early rise made easier than last week. Lesson learned.
Get up early !

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Getting Better

2 months since the last post ... Could do better.
But, on the running front, things did not get worst, then they certainly got better,
as I am steadily increasing the volume to a decent 30 miles/week.
More important, my last recurrent pain, inside of the right knee is kept in check.
Still there, but not aggravating.
Little less than 2 months before the Maui marathon, things are looking good.
Or, not that bad.

Poli Poli Green Tunnel

Poli Poli over the clouds. 2:50 run.

Piilani Highway Green and Blue

Piilani Highway - 18 miles run.

Dr Maffetone method, strict zone 2 policy seems to be working. My zone 2 pace went up from 11min-mile to 9min-mile and on some reference runs, like one loop Makawao Forest I could see a average heart rate down of 20 beats for the same time between 2018 and 2015.
Same speed, lower effort, after few months of training.
This is encouraging.

I defined some new goals for this marathon in October. Definitely not trying to make a PR, I do not set time expectations. I am shooting for perfect running form from start to finish, controlled heart rate - around threshold - aerobic, and no injury after the fact.
I see that one as a stepping stone for future adventures.

I am curious to know if I will be able to pace myself on D-Day.