Friday, June 12, 2015

Restorative Mode

No real updates in the last couple of weeks.
Actually, one pretty bad one. My hip pain has been back with a vengeance. Soon after the passage, I never could really go back into a decent running routine.
Maybe Post-Trauma after the last marathon, or the couple of months of inactivity due to the passage...
Tired of struggling with the pain, and half-running around, I decided to stop it all, and go into Restorative mode.

Personalized " stretching " plan

I have to say it kinda help to have a gifted massage and yoga therapist at home !
Bored to hear my endless complains, she -finally- decided to make a deal. If I shut up and follow her advices - to the letter - I am known to not listening - She will provide 

   - personalized yoga postures
   - gentle poses and restorative running
   - massages, massages , ... and more massages.

On top of that, I stopped all running (except the couple of 2 miles family runs twice a week, no offense, let's call that warming up), and focus on swimming (need to spend my bad mood on some activity - if not, that will be a real nightmare at home).

And after 10 days, we begin to see some progress. 
I did a 75 minute super slow run without pain. And my back is feeling way better.
On top of that, we isolated the source of it all.
The back. 
As always.

Then, she decided to open a yoga class just for me :)
Isn't it nice ?

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