Monday, June 30, 2014

Oxnard - Day 3

No rest for a Sunday.
Running around to get some tools, today I will have to drill through stainless steel...

Crazy drill. Works quite good actually.
Finally completed the Windvane work.

Lines in the cockpit, to the wheel.

The stern.
I could not miss the games, but I dont have Internet at the boat.(It is quite an experiement to be cut from the world :)
Good old AM Radio at 20$.
Listening ESPN radio !

Finally, a little go around in Dinghy to admire our boat on the sunset.

Feel like cruising already.

Last minute, I ended replacing all batteries.My confidence in the last 2, from Costco 4 years ago, even tested as working, was pretty low. At least, now I am reassured.
Tomorrow, back to work, .. And have more parts to order...

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