Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oxnard - Day 2

Typical cabin mess.
A boat is a small place to work on.

Another long day, with good surprises and some not as good.
A diver was cleaning the bottom of the sailboat next to mine, and I asked him to check the swing keel dagger. Unfortunately we forgot to out it in coming into port last week, and now it is stuck.
The diver did not see anything wrong on the keel itself, but it is torn sideways and grinding metal against metal. We might have hit something on the bottom .... Grrrrr.
More on this at the haul out in 2 weeks.

One new battery, the others are OK.
Redid alkaline wiring and isolation.

New battery charger. The old one saw the first led zeppelin concert....
This one at least is silent :-)

Typical cockpit mess.
Notice the lines I crank to align the windvane.

The windvane is in place.
Now we need to drill the new holes through the stainless steel tubes.
I ll keep that for tomorrow :-)

Found an can that saw the firs Led Zeppelin concert s well.
I think it is fish inside...

Overall, I am very happy of the progress on the windvane. It is the central piece of the trip back,and the sooner we can try it out, the better.

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