Friday, August 26, 2016

Tendoni....what ?

Never ending story.
As I am getting more confident about some progress in my hip flexors - hard to tell as I barely run anymore - I am still fighting a couple of low profile recurring injuries.
An achilles tendonitis that was actually pretty painful on the left foot, and an patellar tendonitis on the inside of the right knee.
Funny enough, all those are rated top injuries for most of the runners, then, somewhere I am glad I am a good representative of the runner's community.

There is a good set of PT exercises you can do to help - it takes around6 to 8 weeks with 3 set of 20  per day. I am doing both knees and both ankles, 3 exercices each.
That's takes a lot of time and a lot of reps.

Patellar Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis
Now, waiting to get better on that front, I am swimming almost every day.
I am not sure if I ever will become a good runner, but soon, I am gonna compete with Phelp for 4x100, if I continue to spend that much time at the pool.

The more annoying is, as a Runner, pain is expected. the question is how much. How much is worrisome ? When to stop ?

If you reconcile this chart:

The Grey zone is Yellow.

with this one:

I see Jesus coming...

Actually, the key factor is to make sure the pain is not getting worst, and do not last too long.
There is ton of info everywhere to not advise you to take Ibuprofen or even to ice where it hurts - supposedly it will slow down recovery by not allowing your body to heal himself by swelling a lot - and by hurting a lot - then this can be used as a good indice as well.
If you cannot bear it without medication, this is certainly too much.

Key point is not to rest.
R.I.C.E is dead.
Now, you work on it.
And if this is not excruciating pain, and you are doing the right exercices, this is a step in the right direction.
I guess we will know in 6 weeks.

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