Thursday, December 22, 2016

The last (Big) boat project

.. has been delivered as a gift before Christmas.

My ground tackle seriously needed to be upgraded, but with it, I needed a windlass to be able to lift it up. I am aiming for 150' of chain, that I will need to grab from WestMarine on Oahu next month.
With the windlass install itself (Heavy, need to be well secured on the bow - read - epoxy work - ), there are few cables and switches to be rigged.
Fun times.

New real marine clock
Installing the clock was easier :)
Nice and expensive, this is a real marine clock from one of the top clock manufacturer, Chelsea Boston. Bought it used on eBay - obviously, those run more than 500$ new :P
Still, very shiny and nice.

Smaller projects 
Started to redo the electric box for the helm. Marine wood, epoxy, that one will be bomb proof.
I am using this smaller project to try to improve my finishing skills with epoxy, before attacking the Bimini. (I am not super happy how the dodger ended up - in term of finishing touch).

Did I talk before about THE list ?

Well, it is shrinking fast now, and the windlass and ground tackle are literally the last of the big projects I have to do for the boat to be 'as ready as I want it to be'.
Sure, the bottom paint will be some work - never did one - but it is a  known quantity and usually relatively easy to do.

Did I talk about the engine failing on me again ?
Since I changed the fuel lines and filters, there is some kind of fuel starvation or the injector pump is acting funny. I barely go forward at 500 rpm, 2 knots.
Well, that's enough to go in and out of the harbor, but certainly not to cruise the world.

But we still have time, and now I take it easy.
Just another project on the list.

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