Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Now that the boat is Honolulu, it is time for repairs and projects. I was a little burned out after the California Winter last year where I spent lot of time preparing her for the crossing. At that time, the conditions were quite spartiate. Leaving on a parking lot, No water, No shade, 12V, and working around the clock.
This time, I am better prepared. Internet (well, 4G, but still), showers, 110V, a beta-Shade that ended up working very well, and even a small cooking gaz.

The Beta/Cheap-Shade-Tree

Temporary Galley. Well, it works.
Once setup, time for work... I dressed a short list of a double dozen of items. Some simple and short, the 'feel good ones', some more hairy.
My first 'Feel good' - Wrap the rigging with Rigger's tape - Checked.

Damn, this thing is expensive.
I guess, everything is expensive at WestMarine...
A not that feel good one, the galley.... Well, The good surprise is ... it fits !!! It took 3 weeks to come to Hawaii, and looks actually pretty nice. No, the tricky part is to build a Propane Locked and all tubing to the actual safety norms. This is the major undertaking and the main reason of the trip....

Force 10 !!!

The second main reason was the Windvane refit. After limping for the last 6 days on the crossing, it was time to make sure everything was in good order for our next adventures... Solo adventures...
As a first step, I verified and realigned the feet. I was actually afraid I would have to re-drill the transom to get a proper fit. Lucky on this one, it fits quite alright now.

The windvane, naked.
The pout it back together will be an interesting puzzle.

Living on the boat always remind how I like the simplicity of it. 
Working on the boat always remind me you have to live on it to actually make it happen.
You have at least to cut your rent by 4 to have more money to spend on parts.
You have to have that much time available as everything takes ages to fix on the boat,
and takes minutes to degrade or go aol,
There was a good news today. 
It seems that the waiting list at Ala Wai is **only** nine months.
This open some interesting options to eventually keep the boat on Oahu and get it ready for the bug adventure ;). But this is for later on.
For now on, let's get all this stuff done and fixed, and bring her back to her mooring on Maui.

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