Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Iron Strength

I am now totally convinced that most of the progress I made those past few month are directly related to the strengthening program I started.
"Program" is a complicated word for squatting and lunging during the dog walks.
It is time to take it to another level.
Here comes the Iron Strength program.

Iron Strength

To be fair, "The Run Experience" triggered it. But I guess I do not really the incessant coaching, following and pushy of their "experience". I can see the benefits of a "class" or "group" for some people who need external motivation.
But I am more on the solitary side.
Metzl's 3$ Kindle book will do it.

Injury Free for LIFE !!!! I'ld buy that.

The book is good. Simple. Straight to the point. Good introduction to all hot topics in running. No gimmicks.
Definitively on your hit list.

Anyway, no magic in the workout. That's just a template.
Here are my notes:

30s jumping jacks squats back lunges
6x15 jump squats
(2) 5 min 15 Plank lift push up sit up
(3) 5 min 10 jump lunges single leg toes
(3) 5 min 15 mountain climber , legs down
(3) 5 min dead lift, overhead push, biceps 10lbs
5x 10 burpees
Planks 3x 1 min

He advise to do it twice a week.
No surprise, this is a pretty hard and mean workout.

I don't know if you ever did 50 burpees, even in 5 reps. That's pretty serious stuff.
Twice a week. Took me around one hour.

I guess that's a small price to pay to run forever.
(Or to the end. Why ? Do you want to live forever ?)

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