Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's On

Over the year, there are so many things that really bugs me on Maui.
Life is (really) expensive.
This is a (very) small island.
(Our) Social life is pretty limited.
There is quite some (west side) traffic.
Lots (and Lots) of tourists.
No (real) jobs, outside of realtor and kitesurfing instructor.
We have (2) theaters.
No serious (Metal) band will ever come play.
People are... (people).

Windsurfing has not be cancelled on Maui
There is too much wind.
There is not enough wind.
Summer is flat.
There are no berth for any boat.
Did I say there are too many tourists ?
We have (one) Costco. (Did not decide yet if this is a blessing or not).
Sometimes, I just wonder if this is really the paradise that people believe it is.

The white line in the back is the Waves crashing on the reef.
The fun is the backyard

But... Then, Waves comes in. And Wind is there.
And now this is ON.
Water is warm. Sun is shining.
And it is just fun.
And, there is no other places I want to be.

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