Monday, August 12, 2013

Back on wheels

Been a couple of weeks now, maybe more, but I did finally my transition to landlubber.
Back to my first love, instead of getting a truck like everybody up-country, I got a bike.
After my Honda CB, VTR, and Yamaha XJR, I went to the dark side, hum the green side, Kawazaki.
But this one is blue ;)

Yes, a Kawa.

Simple,  basic, still some power : 750cc.

Believe it or not, but Hawaii on Bike, things takes another dimension. It is really cool. I mean **really** cool.

C-ya on the road, Babe !

1 comment :

  1. ok jeune homme , amuse toi bien sur ta moto qui est d'un beau bleu comme votre mer de Maui ,
    mais sois prudent ,
    on t'embrasse ,,,