Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Sunday run

Not sure if you remembered, but last weel I had trouble to find the time and energy to stick to my training plan, considering skipping one week for let things go slower at work. I decided to force my will and go for it anyway, later Sunday night. I was exhausted, but had a better night than the day before, jumped on my mechanical horse and went to the close local running path for my next long run. I was targeting a 10 miles run, to follow the training plan.

Not everything goes always according to the plan.

Kula Town and Thomson road

Ended up to run almost 12 miles, by GPS was off and my timing too, and I was feeling GREAT !
The last couple of miles my speed plummeted down, maybe to 4.5 or 5 mph, but I had a good run after 1:15 when I was flying at 6-6:15 after 8 miles.

Coming into Farwest ... in Hawaii

Ranch on Thomson road
Sunset and clouds

That is the first time I run so far. This time, I am sure. It is almost a half marathon. At an easy peace, alright, still. The day after, some soreness for sure, but nothing to be really worried about. The better thing is my hip flexors feel better than ever, barely noticed anything at all during the run, and only a light tension during stretching. 
Unlikely as it sounds, I ve closed my 5th week of training without major hurdles, and I am confident now I can certainly close this month as well, there are no run further than 12 miles coming up for the next 2 weeks.
Piece of cake.

My overall weekly running average now 20 to 26 miles.
This is getting serious.

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