Monday, August 5, 2013

Family training plan

A big part of this global overhaul is to make sure to connect/reconnect/stay connected with my little family. Sailing is - in our case - was - more a solitary activity, and Kitesurfing - Surfing, too. Even if we can go all together to the beach, and the girls will fool around while I will be practicing. Overall, running training takes far less time than Kitesurfing-surfing every day. At this point, at least.

This week-end was the birthday of my little one, and I managed to escape work for a two consecutive days. Insane, yes ?  Rest was much more needed, as well as enjoying some quality time with the girls.

Big girl bike. It has real brakes, and gear.

Marathon training is by definition quite a solitary experiment too. As much as I enjoy the long run by myself, the super cool purple bike should allow my daughter to train with me on the shorter runs during the week.
At least, that s the plan. 
In any case, she was thrilled to get this new cool bike, and this is worth it in any case.

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