Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blog 2012- Retrospective (2)

October 2012 - Checkpoint -

- Before surfing, you need to walk.
Kitesurfing or surfing in 12 feet waves could be cool by itself, but, before this, I amy need to ba able to make the paddle out.

Kitesurfing Kanaha, a day with some waves.
The breakers on the outside can reach 2 or 3 stories.

- Sitting is killing us.
The body cannot stand long hours in front of a computer without adapting. And in this case, adaptation sucks.

- My core is weak.
Even if you practice twice or three time a week some kind of sport activity, It does not mean ou are in shape, or balanced. It just means you are having fun, and your body is not.

- To reach my goals, I would have to take drastic measures.
Which certainly means : exercising and eating better. Could be worse, right ?

- Optimize my time, and our assets. Reconcile my long term goals.

Our boat is sitting, unused, at 3000 miles from where we live. Life on Maui is fun, but sailing in Hawaii is not that fun and not that easy. Specially, without a boat. How can I bring it here ?

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