Monday, December 17, 2012

When the wind is not blowing...

...The surf is good. Some cool pics of my home spot on this blog.

That day, I remember was my first out on my new paddleboard in 8+ waves. Way more easy than surfing, I was still at the limit of my comfort zone ;)

Nowadays, it is so windy , it is not even fun anymore. Almost lost my board last week end. Ended up to be a good workout and a good swim to go pick it in shark infested water ;). My 6m collapsed under the gusts and deflated itself after a crash. 

What is a kitemare ? It has been so long I did not happen to me, I almost forgot.

Self rescue, with no wind.

With 50mph winds and 6 feet waves, it was another story :). I ended up in the "bone yard". Name is chosen for a reason. (this is where the current bring all the stuff, if you are lucky).

Murky water, or breaking waves...

.. are good spots for sharks. Specially, at the entrance of the harbor, where attacks have been quite frequents. You should have seen me swimming for my board - and my life -- I think that was the fastest 200m back and forth I ever did ;)

It is not like there was no shark activity on Maui those past few month.

Paddle board is not that safe

Beware, shocking picture below:

Well, today, I went swimming ;)

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