Saturday, December 22, 2012

Diet numbers, Math 101

Count or not count. Here is the magic of my numbers.

Last Month tracking

Last Month average

Eventually, you will figure by yourself or using an online calculator, but on the last 30 days, I lost 5 pounds. which means 5*3500 = 17500 Calories. Bring that back per day, it is 590 calories a day. According to my target (2100 calories /day), I lost 715 calories per average. I can safely deduce that my target of 2100 calories a day is a little optimistic, and my actual daily needs are more around 2000 calories a day (or below).

My goal is basically to NOT diet. Yeah. We will come back to this subject , But as I already told often enough Exercising to not make you lose weight. However, If you are targeting your ideal food consumption based on a day WITHOUT exercises, Any exercise you do, will help you lose weight.
The key point is : I am exercising every day, rain or shine, and try to burn at least 400 to 500 calories, which usually means 45 minutes workout, or one hour of kiting/ surfing.

I think I could easily reduce my food consumption of 200 calories here and there. But I do not really want to, because I want to get used to my daily meal. I am trying to get a sense of what I have to eat, without counting calories. Eventually, I want to stop losing weight, but go into weight maintenance mode. For that, knowing your ideal food calories count without counting is key. And you know, what it is working. Counting or not, I am still on target and still losing weight, As you can see on those graphs.

Numbers do not lie !

By the way, did you notice ? 150 pounds. Where will that stop ?

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