Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Is the number of the day.

Lately I became addicts to numbers - Calories - Body Mass Index - Repetitions - Intervals - Heart Rate - Weight etc...
Even if I did not reach yet the point in this blog where I start talking about nutrition (slowly, but surely, it is coming...), as some could have guessed, related to my injury and my desire to improve my overall stamina, I had to start a diet - if not a new way of life.
My original goal was 155 lbs, from an original 175 lbs.
Take this off an already super fit guy (on the verge of overweight - with an outstanding 20% fat - according to american standards - which are to be low, looking at people around me - and this while i was going surfing and kiting 3 or 4 times of week. Unbelievable.).

Anyway, I wont bother you with a picture of me naked, I was already awesome before, but look at this beauty:

Isn't it true that some numbers are prettier than some pictures ?

Frankly, at this point, my diet is becoming a lifestyle, then I do not know really why I would stop here. 
Next step, 150. Was it difficult to reach this in 3 months ? No, Not really. Far less than the constant stretching and strengthening I am doing for my hip injury. My secrets ? Wait and see.
Is it worth it ?

You missed my drop into in this 18 footer at Hookipa last week-end

Well, if it allows me to surf just one minute more everyday, put that in the 120 years I still have to live, hell yeah, it is worth it. I will do it again everyday. Hum, right, I am doing it every day.

As I said before,
 This is all about the paddle out.