Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A day like every other days

What is easy when you leave on a island where the weather is always the same and the number of distractions is limited to the size of the waves and the strength of the wind, or maybe the cloud coverage is to organize your day in a way you can actually rely into.

I guess the biggest disturbance on my week is the week end , or holidays like tomorrow, because the timing is a little different. Just trying to focus on family life during this extra time left do the trick. Not that complicated.

OK, here is my typical day:

6:30: Start to work


8AM or  9AM: 15 min break for Somatic warmup, "The cat strecht". Not sure of the usefulness, but until i decide to switch to Yoga and Sun salutation, that does the trick of waking up the body.

Yeah, this one is easy ;)

10AM: Snack.

11AM: 15 min break, Deeper stretches. I go over all the stretches I am supposed to do according to my PT. Mostly targeting hips and psoas, glutes.

On the weekend, it is done outside ...

12PM: Lunch. As you will see later, my lunch is pretty fast, between 5min or 10min top.

1PM or 2PM: 30min workout. repetitions of strengthening exercises. Glutes, situp, planks, Obliques you name it.

... or at the beach

3PM: Snack.

3:30PM or 4PM: End of the day of work

4PM to 6:30PM. Fun begin. Longer workout, running, swimming (30-45min) or 60min of Kite-surfing, surfing, paddle board  anything that burns around 400 cal, is relatively fun. Trying to alternate the activities depending on time available and conditions.Serious Stretching afterward (15min).

... After surfing. No, this not a nap.

5:30PM: If I am at home, going to the playground with my daughter and adding another 30min of strengthening and stretching.

8:30PM: Blog.

11PM: Light extinction.

The key points of my planning are :
 - Breaking the "sitting position at the desk" every hours or so.
 - Keep a schedule to do the things I do not like to do (strengthening, stretching)
 - Do not practice only what I like (surfing, kiting, etc..)

Sticking to this schedule really helps to stick to the plan, which is simple : Do whatever I can to get better and allows me to later do MORE of the fun stuff. Hopefully.

Finally, ready for the fun stuff.

Seems hardcore ? It takes what it takes.

"We are capable of far more than we believe ourselves to be. As we learn more and more about the ways in which brain functions control, maintain, repair, and protect our bodies, we come more and more to respect this marvelous capacity we have. We are far less dependent and helpless than we believe ourselves to be; which is to say, we are far more responsible and self-governing than we know." 
Somatics: Reawakening The Mind's Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health by Thomas Hanna