Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sorry, I have been busy cheating.

When you are on a diet, there is a magic weapon you can use in (almost) any occasion: Thanksgiving, Birthdays, you name it.

Called 'Cheatmeals". Officially, there is a rationale behind it: To avoid your metabolism to slow down because of the lower source of calories, you trick your body to let him believe all is good, by eating (and drinking) way more than usual. The other advantage is to take a psychological break and 'do not count' or 'eat whatever you have been dreaming off'.

Well, no miracles. Not sure if my metabolism is super fast now, but for sure, if you eat a lot, you do not loose weight.

Cheat meals zone : Do you see Thanksgiving ?

..Me too.

but you got to eat this:

and this (few day after)

Was it worth it ? I am still debating it ;)
Was it good ? Certainly yes.

Thanks to John and Harmony to invite us for a traditional Thanksgiving, and thanks to my wife to have her birthday the same week.

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