Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gear Sacrifice

Part of dealing with an Injury is learning
  - To rest
  - Relearn the way you are practicing

Well, learning to rest is impossible for me. Specially when it s blowing 25+ and you have 8+ feet waves coming in.

Kanaha. "Upper" wave spot. Today. Fun.

Well, I learned to rest when there is no wind (Almost never happen here), no waves (with a long board or a paddleboard, you are talking less 2 footers. Which means almost never as well) and the swimming pool is closed (happens not that often as well ;).
I auto-analysed my posture and I think part of the issue is a bad stance on top of weak abs/glutes. Then while I am working out my mid section every day or so ...

Glues work at the beach

.. I give my back a rest with a Dakine short Harness and a Dynabar for the surf (super cool, I love it !)

Balls crushing gear

And eventually put back my straps after 2 years of strapless ...

Time to be handy manny.

On my old 5.8''...

Frenchy Weapon of choice

Why ? I need to focus on my stance. And it is way easier to do when I am not swimming after my board. (Plus Strapless in Maui is kind of silly anyway. Too windy, choppy and big....)

Anyway, I gave it a test today, and after 50 minutes of kiting, I barely feel my hip. We will see tomorrow and  tonight. Then, maybe for the first time, I am doing something right. Question is: For how long ?

I suppose Alec Dektor does not have Hip Pain and a weak mid-section.

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