Thursday, November 29, 2012

(relatively) Easy Diet explained (1) : Fears (3)

- Starving.

In fact, I almost never felt hungry. Really hungry. Feeling hungry is a good thing, it is a signal to tell you to eat. Then I eat.

Part of the diet was to reeducate me on the quantity of food I really needed. A good plate is a small plate. Really. Think about a fancy restaurant size's plate. Tiny. But usually just enough. I wanted to reach a balance were you do not feel heavy or sleepy after eating. Light digestion.

Here are my trick to never be hungry:

- Try to eat slow. Give some time for your body to feel fed.
- Eat small portions. ( In case you fail on the first point - which is my case, usually). At least, you know that should be enough.
- If hungry, eat a small snack. Avoid large sport bars (except if you are actually DO sport). Usually, those are are around 300-400 calories, which is considerable. I am targeting snack around 100 calories : One banana, one small choco-bar, one half avocado. one handful of almonds. You get the idea.
- Drink a lot. (no sport drink, try Coconut water instead). Lot of water.
- Eat more fruits and vegetable than fat & sugary food. They tend to fill the stomach more for less calories.

And frankly, if I have to go over my daily threshold for any reason, I do not panic and indulge myself.
This is for life. No Hurry.

Using those techniques, I usually can do with 3 snacks a day and 3 meals. Super roughly, that runs around 3x150 and 3x400 calories, roughly 1700 calories. Plenty of space for extra stuff and a glass of wine.

Good looking plate.

I guess you realize that 400 calories for a lunch/diner is not a lot. It is not. It is not a lot. It is just enough ;)

The key point :  More (Volume) For less (Calories).

More for less.