Friday, November 16, 2012

Lets free our mind

Let close the subject of consciousness, and with it, the first of the three pillars of my new self ;). Don't remember ? Right, me neither. Looking back ... Yes, right, Awareness, Fitness, Faithfulness.
Well, subject of today makes a beautiful bridge between Awareness and Fitness.
I think everybody knows that meditation is very important for awareness, and body and mind awakening.

This I cannot do. Yet.

Well, almost everybody knows that meditation is not for everybody. If you are like me, it may sounds boring, and painful. I need to admit that I never committed to it, really. Annoying, because I do not feel like meditating, will my inner balance collapse and all my structural revival attempt fails ? Well, guess what, as there is a magic hormone - endorphin- that helps you get high without smoking pot, there is a magic state of mind while you begin to run long distances (in fact not that long, 20-30 minutes does the trick usually).

"Active meditation, as it’s appropriately called, has many of the same mental benefits offered by traditional meditation. Most people find active meditation easier to get into due to the increased blood flow in the brain."
B.Brazier Thrive Fitness

Active Meditation while running

Here is the explanation of the process:

"As my fitness developed over the weeks and months, I no longer had to concentrate on the act of running. At a moderate pace, it had become effortless. This is the point at which everything changed for me. Because I didn’t have to engage in conscious thought to be able to run, my mind would wander. Ideas I could never have imagined as belonging to me would flow every time I ran, almost as though my head was a radio receiving signals from outside. A whole other part of my brain had been accessed"
B.Brazier Thrive Fitness

Myself, I do think that the hypnotic trance of running or swimming long distance is very effective to release the mind. Awareness is all about freeing my right brain. Which is kind of important for a computer geek like me who are stimulating his left brain all day long while sitting.

Let s get high all together !