Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As you should know by now, I am a man of numbers. Binary for work. Repetition for work-out. Calories for diet.

0 and 1. Simple.

To help me in the next phase, improving my overall mid section and helping to relieve my hip flexors, I spent the last couple of days to push it a little and grab some numbers about my core training. As a reference, for later.

In fact, I did it partially in  early September. Numbers do not LIE.

Early September:

Sit-up: 20
Push-up: 20
Pull-up: 5
Plank: 90s
Side plank: 60s
Could not run more than 30 min, Kite or surf more than 45min without limping.

I do not do my sit-ups very high.

2 Months and half after, Here are my numbers:

Sit-up: 80
Push-up: 35
Pull-up: 15
Plank: 180s
Side plank: 120s

Not bad, right ?
After my PT evaluation, I am still really weak on my obliques and my glutes.

Obliques (on a ball) : 30
Obliques (Flat): 10 (small ones)
Glutes (Kick back 5s hold): 25
Bridge (20s hold): 5

Obliques: Double crunch

As this is where I need to work I will focus on those the next couple of months.
What about the other training ?
Well, it is going better:

45min of Kite, 60min of Surf, 30min of slow running (5km), 30 min of swimming (1km and half) are usually alright, with a "discomfort" on the right hip. The good news is I begin to feel it in the left hip as well, meaning my body is re-balancing itself a little.
This is the first time I am glad to feel a new pain ;)

Good to smiles again ;)

Still a long way to go for me to the Big Island Ultraman.

The Ultraman World Championship is a three-day, 320 mile (515-km) annual endurance race held on the Big Island of Hawaii

 I would have to train like him..

David Googins, The human machine.

His schedule:
3:45am -- 15-20 mile run followed by biking to work (25 miles)
8am --  begin work day
Lunch --  brief 4-5 mile run if time allows
6pm --  bike home from work (25 miles) - weight training (with his wife)
Midnight --  bedtime

Well, nice transition for the post of tomorrow where I will give you MY Schedule:

The Vdoubie machine.