Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time for Answers - Part2.: We are being told lies

Going down the list I dressed couple of post ago. Awareness - the cultural aspect.

When I began to dig into those questions of Health, Healing, Nutrition, Weight loss, Training, I realized pretty fast I just opened the Pandora box. Weight loss is a multi-billion Market, and I am pretty sure fitness is close by behind. Where to start ? I never been teach about Health at school (we should be, by the way).
I have an academic approach on things. I want to understand before committing. I will need to be educated.

I knew for sure we are deceived. Globally. All the time. It is just a question of Market, Money and Power.
Couple of proofs ?
Remember Irak ?

More seriously. Back to our heal business. Have a glass of Milk. Or Three ?

Well, this web site is sponsored by the American Milk Processors.

Or in Canada....Get A Load of Milk.

Let s check with our favorite sources of crazy vegan athletes.

(it is a) red-herring debate, in my opinion, fueled by a campaign of disinformation perpetuated by powerful and well-funded meat and dairy lobbies that have convinced society—including medical professionals, educators, and government bureaucrats responsible for the proverbial food pyramid—that we need these products to live.

By way of example, we’ve been taught since birth that “Milk Does a Body Good,” primarily because it’s high in calcium. And without it, you risk brittle bones and osteoporosis. But the truth begs to differ. Setting aside the fact that milk contains saturated fat, cholesterol, and, typically, certain hormones, the acidic nature of dairy products can actually promote calcium deficiency, which over time can lead to osteoporosis.

Not even considering the quality of the milk itself, just the amount of calories in a glass of milk, in a country plagued by obesity, is laughable. Why you do not want to drink water ?

I took one example, there is plenty, I think you get the point. 
Then what did I do ?

Well, started googled "Surfer Diet". A surfer cannot be wrong, can he ?

And then, starting from there. I double checked. Triple checked. Read books. Googled a lot. Then you begin to see a pattern that- kind of- make sense. Some people have been there. A lot, in fact. In fact, it is everywhere, the Truth. It is hiding there, at the margin of the mainstream communication channels. Kind of reserved to an elite, who can pay for nutrition advice from some doctor they believe in. Or some illuminated people deep into the wood. You cannot teach people. Then they just tell their stories. They write a blog, that very few read. Because you do not want to market this. There is no value to be created to eat healthy. 

But far from the fad diets and commercial websites, you have a couple of guys who wanted to feel better , to improve performance. And which I like with that, is : YOU CAN MEASURE PERFORMANCE. Then you can measure your diet. and Its sustainability.

My point is : Truth lies somewhere. Just have to find it. I found mine ;)

I can hear you, Well this is food. We got it. Mass market, distributors, ok.
Runnning shoes .. Really ?

    Could that be only marketing ?


The feet are one of the most important sensory organs of the body. When we encase our feet in shoes we risk losing sensory awareness and motor control of the muscles of the foot and lower leg that help us stabilize ourselves for upright movement. There is more of a tendency to “heel strike” when wearing thicker running shoes. This is both jarring for the spine and inefficient for forward motion.

Orthotics, thought to fix foot problems, interfere in the ability of the feet to absorb impact properly and adjust to changes in terrain (as in trail running). Thankfully there’s a trend toward more minimalistic and “barefoot” running shoes, which allows both the foot and lower leg muscles to move naturally.

Hopefully at this point, you read already 'Born to Run' and discovered about the lies that sporting company made us digest since all those years.

Food. Shoes. War. Ok, I got it. Oil and money. Nothing new.

Make your own opinion. Read. Search. Google. Use your common sense to filter the b**t. I am tired of eating predigest knowledge. I have to go to the source. I have to educate myself. Since school, I lost this habit (if even school ever educated me). Yeah, I thought that was good to end a that long post on something as strong as :

 Educate myself