Monday, November 12, 2012

Back Pain ? Why you should read my blog ...

Well, the first reason is because it is super cool and funny and pointless.
The real one is because symptoms of psoas and back pain are not the same , but are representives of the same issue.
I am repeating myself, but you have to understand that :

sitting with a bad posture = tight psoas = weak glutes = anterior pelvis tilt =  crushed spine

When I asked my PT if she had a lot of clients like me, I was surprised to hear : "Not so much". In fact, Psaos pain seems to be current for runners or athletes like dancers stressing the hip flexors (seems kitesurfing doing just that). Most of people would in fact suffer back pain in the same setup. 

Skeletor is back

I am lucky, I do have back pain on the left side too, and psoas pain on the right side.
Read this blog, if you went through this nightmare already, let me know, give me hope, and if I go eventually through it, hopefully that will give hope to others.

Typical bad kitesurf stance stressing the flexors and the low back.

This one is way better. You can still imagine the flexors are working a lot.

As I said yesterday: Feeling better, but not there yet ...

Then, Why should you read my blog ? Because if you know me, you are likely to be sitting in front of a computer way too long. And if you do not have psoas pain (yet), you do have back pain (like 80% of people around us). Then you should do something about it, or try to prevent it. And for that, read my blog ;) and go on a mat.