Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to the fundamentals

If you look back a month or so, in the category 'Fitness', I put nutrition.
Why ? First, for any back pain, the less you have to move, the better for the spine. Makes sense. Being lighter cannot really hurt.

 Except if you are training for Sumo.

Second, I have been surfing and kitesurfing two to three times a week for the last four years, and I never lost weight. In fact, I was gaining weight. To the point where I was closing the gap to the psychological 80Kg. I think I had to know whay. To understand. The more I was training, the more I was gaining weight ?

Then, this item 'Nutrition' is all about 'Know your enemy'.

The demonic forces

I will certainly come back on this subject in details, but in a nutshell: You cannot win with those facts

Cookie: 200 Calories
Brownie: 325
Ice Cream : 360 
Big Mac : 550

Running: One hour at 5mph : 530 Calories.

You cannot win. When I realized how hard it is to run one hour, even slowly, and how easy it is to indulge myself a sugary treat, It kind-of make sense, If I do not control my nutrition, I cannot win. Not if you are not doing an insane amount of exercise everyday.

And even if you are training a lot, weight management is still an issue...

And if I do not learn to eat right, I will be craving for food and be sad. Because, eventually, you realize there is What you eat and How much do you eat.

Then, yes, Nutrition, definitively item #1 on the fitness list. Sorry to tell you this:
Training will not help you to lose weight. Not until you know what is in your plate.